delta sleep solution


DSIP was first made by isolating it from the blood of a rabbit after it was thought to be a factor that could help regulate sleep. With subsequent research carried out on the possible roles and uses of the peptide, it was later discovered that it has more roles than just the sleep regulation role. The researchers also found out that it can be found in human breast milk having numerous roles within the human system. It has roles that relate to disease and endocrine regulation.

With regard to the endocrine regulation function, it is responsible for regulating the level of hormonal activity in the body. It is the factor responsible for the release of the luteinizing hormone in the body. It also makes sure that the level of basal corticotrophin in the body is controlled by blocking any further release that may be disastrous to the human body. It is also responsible for the production of somatotrophin which controls the amount of somatostatin in the human body by ensuring that not too much of it is produced.

It also has a major function in the human physiological process which ensures that the body functions normally without any problems. It acts as asters limiting factor in the body, it fights depression in the body that may affect the brain. This ensures that one remains in their best state which can enable them perform the tasks they have to perform without being stressed up. It also has a role in temperature regulation in the body which ensures that the body has an optimum temperature under which the physiological processes can take place well and prevent hypothermia. It is also responsible for controlling the blood pressure of a person; this prevents contraction of the blood vessels which can lead to blood circulatory diseases that can be very disastrous to the body.

It has also been noted that it can be used to prevent tumor in both animals and human beings, this was proved by injecting it in a mice and results showed that it decreased the probability of tumor by great percentage. It can also be used as a cure for patients diagnosed with diseases related to stress and depression. Once they are injected with it, it reduces the level of stress in the human body effectively relieve the patient the depression they are suffering from. Studies also show that it can be used for patients who have disturbed sleeping patterns; it can control the level of sleep in a person which is one of the major roles that it plays in the body. In case a person does not have enough of it in the body, they will have disturbed sleep and the only way this can be corrected is by injecting the patient with the peptide to ensure that the level of sleep is restored to normalcy.

Researchers still think that there are a lot of other functions that have not been discovered, with continued research there is hope that even more important functions will be discovered. It is a peptide that when introduced into the body does not have any negative effects that can result to the person receiving it suffering from other disorders.